Thursday, October 16, 2014

Maybe not the latest and greatest

But for us this is absolutely something to hang on to.

Its in Swedish and kind of a love song to an old Amazon made by Svenne Rubins.

All of us in the Team have been cruising down the main street listening to some for that time mega big hit on the Radio (Yes without cassette player) in the Amazon. For sure many years before CD and Spotify.

The main Challenge was to keep the windscreen free from ice and mist.

Svenne Rubins I en Gammal Amazon

The driver of the Amazon is the late Christer Glenning who passed away 1998. Glenning was at that time, at least Sweden, a World famous Automotive Journalist. Maybe (or for sure) not on Jeremy Clarkson or Freiburg, Finnegan get the picture.

Anyhow, The Volvo Amazon do have a special place in every Swedes life.

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