Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holy ground

So this is my first post on this blog and possibly an introduction to me, what I like and how I think. I’m on a work trip to the US of A. I won’t mention anything about, but I have had a great time, I have met old friends, made new ones, I’ve seen hot rods doing burn outs and running huge superchargers on the street. If any of my Phoenix friends sees this I just want to say thank you for this time, I will try to come back soon.

I have of course also bought some stuff while being here. Even if it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket it did so to my wallet and the magnetic strip on the credit card is now worn out.

I have been driving a lot, since that is part of my work here. Much of it has been on smaller roads and I love it. Seeing the different sceneries, small villages, big cities all of it just gives me so much inspiration. I love the houses, the roads, the hand painted signs and the use of color. Sweden is pretty boring where all cities goes in different shades of grey. It makes me want to go back home and paint a big mural on my garage wall.

But the real highlight of the trip was when I just before sunset drove down Utah Interstate 80 and exited at exit 4. I was excited when I was driving closer to the holy place, the Bonneville Salt Flats. I was finally there. OK it was flooded so I couldn’t actually walk out there and feel the salt. But it was beautiful and want to go back there soon… Hopefully next time I see it will be thru a 6 inch tall windshield to the sound of a roaring 6-cylinder.

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