Sunday, October 26, 2014

To Notch!

The Sunday morning was grey. There was an obvious need to cheer things up. To get rid of The Gloom. I looked at my two cars. I thought for a couple of seconds before I took the decision.  It had to be the yellow C6 Corvette, I needed to hear the LS engine, feel the responsive steering, enjoy the acceleration and not the least, see young kids jumping up and down making thumbs-up, while the autumn leaves were tumbling in the rear mirror. In short, I needed a feast for the soul.
Happy as children on Christmas Eve, Carina and I entered the workshop today. Carina made a garage apple pie, served directly from the garage oven, in order to provide energy to the Salt Slush Racing team and all the others that showed up to support, socialize or work on their own contraptions.  
Lars-Martin and I got the tubes in place in the milling machine.
...and the milling machine was gently humming its peaceful low frequent lullaby...
 ...while smoke gets in Anders eyes as he adjusted the B-pillar.
 Turning things around, while thing geeting a nice weld burn.(note: buying shirts in the same store might work as team building)
 Aim, shoot and hope for the best. That's the Salt Slush Way! Perfection with Speed!
 As predicted, the result was close to perfect.
 But was it still possible wo use the hinges? The SSR team took in external help to find out.  Per (PA) confirmed that everything was ok. As expected...
Passing inspection is always frightening, but Gitte seemed happy with our role cage. The final review was completed successfully. A relief.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop, Carina was working with her rototiller. New ignition part was assembled. But will it eventually tear up the asphalt? Nobody knows.
To be continoued...

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