Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fast & Low!

Slowly our Speed Machine starts to come together. Piece by piece are getting there after being discussed, designed, manufactured and eventually assembled to the vehicle.

In this fun and time consuming work it can sometimes be difficult to remember when a certain milestone was achieved. When one part is done you just move on to the next area on the priority list.
But then, suddenly, there's a magic moment. When you shout out load while feeling victorious! Then something happens, don't ask me what it is...but you can hear the wild engine roar and the turbo whine...You feel the distinct clunk from the gearbox which report that you’re in gear! You can feel the vibrations and you can smell the exhaust, oil and gasoline. In short: A Workshop Moment.

This was what happened when we mounted the wheels on the rear-end!
Low & Speedy! We're lovin' it!
Anders has as well designed and mounted hinges on the newly completed rear end frame structure. The body is now possible to lift like a funny car body. Serviceabillity is always a priority for SSR. 
Meanwhile parts are being restored. 
But perhaps most importantly, the driver seat position is decided. After a lot of exercising, i.e. jumping in and out of the car, Anders and I got tired, made a mark in the sheet metal and said jointly: Here's the position!
After this was done we welded the first part of the roll cage in place. This felt good, really good.
Next step? Elbow grease. A lot of…One measuring, one milling, one welding and one serving cold drinks.

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