Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cage not fight

We are doing good progress maybe not rocket speed progess, but still progress.

You should all know, that our daytime work is mail and Power Point's, and only when it gets really rough we start to use Excel and set up meetings. This means that we have to overcome our daytime handicap with pure magic and solid stubbornness. Based on this handicap we are doing huge progress.

 A new bending machine is being tested.

The Bend

Lars-Martin is working on the mock-up coil overs.

Small steps are better than no steps and we are for sure getting there and to be honest, Anders is doing something almost every evening. During the weekend the work is on, both Saturday and Sunday. It's for sure good to be more than one! This will enable us to have multiple work streams which will increase speed even more.

Our skills in notching and getting all bits and pieces together in the cage are improving fast.

The Sajo Milling Machine is the key to success !

Anders has become our guiding and leading star.
We have developed a very successful tactic. When we have an extremely tricky notch, then we tell Anders that: This is not possible! Not even you can do this one ! for sure ! and then he fix it flawless! voila! spot on! skitbra!

Håkan had a fight with his pipe, we in the team who try to work with some kind of elegance has started to suspect that Håkan got his machine and fabrication training in former East Germany as a traine in a Tractor plant. Of course during a period when people had names like Erich, Josef etc.

Håkan will later on explain where he learned how to fabricate and handle the most advanced machinery and state of the art theory.
Magnus is describing something rather big and he is for sure not in to fishing..

...after which he started to produce a new wastegate bracket. Concentration needed. Or else... Less fingers…..
Anders and I look upwards to see if reinforcement cross seems ok.

 Charging system layout is being discussed. Carina is impressed.

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