Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Salt Slush Global Presence!

These days there's an obvious need to be global. Therefore, the Salt Slush Racing team is of course happy see strong people, at important landmarks in Salt Slush Racing Apparel. Below you can see two good examples. 
Young Nelly sent us a picture from the very south of Australia (St Mary Peak) (which is really south if you ask me...) when she's climbing a kind of mountain.
While Erland, slightly older, bravely claimed a landmark, in the snowy landscape of north Sweden, with the rare mid winter sun rays (longitude: 20) of Lappland shining over him.  

Nelly Nilsson, Austalia (wearing 2013 edition of the Salt Slush T-shirt) 

Erland Fällén, Kiruna, Sweden  (wearing 2014 edition of the Salt Slush T-Shirt)

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