Saturday, December 20, 2014

Teddyhead disguised as Santa when delivering racing eqippment.

 This is Teddyhead, Gothenburg. Not to be mixed up with Teddybears Stockholm. Since this is the Santa Claus of racing. The provider of the speedy stuff. In short, The Enabler. But nevertheless, I guess you all wanna know what was really delivered?
Here's the first example of Teddyhead supply. An all aluminum seat. A Kirkey chair.  A safety device designed for people with not too slim bootys and limited requests for comfort.
And yes, today we put the last part of the roll cage in place. This picture should not be mixed up with neither bears nor christmas. This is an outlier, nothing else.
Dreaming of Speed while being obsevered. A Christmas contempation.
 Devils in the details. Part one. A cross in the box.
Devils in the details. Part two. A crossroad in steel.
Finally, another Teddyhead delivery. An all-aluminum fuel tank. Soon to be framed while still expected to deliver energy.

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