Saturday, December 13, 2014

There comes a time...

... a time, when the party is temporarily over...
...when it’s time to put the dirty clothes on and look for the gauges, fire up the weld equipment and rev up the milling machine.
...when it’s time to get back to the contemplative activity that serves both as stress reliever and as a enabler for The Dream. The dream that is all about The Salt and The Speed!
 Concentration is king when you’re reaching for perfection. Therefore Karl-Johan and Anders does not allow their rewarding systems to take any control at this very moment.
Instead, every milling chip is of interest, every sound is noticed. They're living here and now, with relief from planning and future. A true moment of presence. A true moment of peace.
Karl-Johan is deburring... A fire in the sky!
Meanwhile, in another part of the Salt Projectile, Magnus and I are trying to triangulate the cage structure without the help of the milling machine (which is obviously occupied...).  Here we can see Magnus when he’s just about to nail one of the cross members to the cage. At this moment I’m just about to finish the other half of the cross. (When not being the royal SSR photographer..)
The rewarding moment! When concentration pays off and endorphins are released, when you’re rewarded, when everything feels good!  Even Ragnar, who’s recently lost an old friend, an old Lotus Elise with homemade dry sump, in a terrible garage fire, enjoys the moment.
Other than that, the Panhard stay is now in its position, here in a certain angle in certain light.
Contemplation. Magnus’s focused look, here in a bright flash light, represents our potential victory, our fear of death, and our concentrated crave for speed. In short, life when at its best.  

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