Sunday, December 28, 2014

We have reached a ground breaking moment in our lives ! Garage trophies are to be used.

Today we ordered the steering wheel to our SSR Amazon.

It's not just what was available, it is instead what we see as a possible pinnacle moment almost a bucket list moment

We ordered a Gold Flake 15" steering wheel from Moon Equipment !

All of us have looked in the Moon Equipment catalog and wanted to order a lot of things, for sure a Flake steering wheel. I imagine you understand what goes on in our heads when we flip the pages in the Moon catalog and pass by Moon tanks, Moon discs, Rat Fink ……To be honest a Psychiatrists would call this something bad or at least not normal, never mind we in the SSR Factory sees this as an enabler to a lot of good things.

But a dream is a dream and it's completely different almost mind-blowing to be in a position where you can order this very Flake steering wheel with a purpose and vehichle in mind where it will make the difference.

This is truly a magic moment when the myth becomes the real concept.

I guess without knowing that the majority of sold Flake steering wheels are used as garage trophies. Nothing wrong with that, we all have our different garage trophies like Cal Custom valve covers, Cadillac 59 taillights, Hal engines, G28 Model A engines, Lava lamps, Bomber seats, Wing tanks, Hemi valve covers, DDT bug spray, Old posters, etc 

Hopefully some of them is in line, waiting to be transferred from myth to the real concept. 
The rest are there to nurse and enhance our dreams. 

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