Sunday, January 18, 2015

Full speed ahead in the SSR workshop!

Saturday morning in the middle of January and a busy week at work have made us all tired.  But winter gloom and mild hangovers can normally only be cured in one way.  Here’s my recipe:  Go to your friend in the garage, tell stories and exchanges dreams and be creative.  After that, change cloths to something more comfortable and build something. Result? The good mood arrives!
This Saturday was like Santa’s  Workshop,  there were activity in every corner and many visiting gear-heads. What we’re working with right now? Here’s some examples.
I blasted, painted and renovated the trailing arms. In this order...the front end is now ready for assembly.
 Lars-Martin was finishing the welding on the rear fenders.
In another (P1800) wheel house Gitte was happily doing some dirty work. It's called rust protection and it's nothing for the fainthearted. Where's Mario?
Carina was cooking corn soup to boost the workforce. After this we’ll got tired.
Magnus proudly arrived with our flywheel, now turned to perfection. 
Kalle managed to involve the whole team in perpendicularity exercise. All these guys are obsessed by TIG welding. They're trying to find a reason to approach this machine. They obviously found one.
The big cage is completed. But there are more, smaller ones to be designed and manufactured Like this one...
 The transmission cage. Or rather, the first part of the transmission cage.
 More and more structure and pipes are coming together.
I even started to weld everything in place, once and for all. Are the weldings strong? Yes! Will we win welding beauty contest? Nope.  
The transmission cage will be wrapped with aluminum. But Anders will first use paper to find out the 2D geometry.

Summary:  A fruitful weekend in the workshop and I'm in a much better mood. We're as well waiting for pedal set, steering wheel, steering column, propeller shaft etc to arrive the coming week. We're about to reach a milestone and be able to push around a soapbox car within soon. Which will be a memorable moment ...

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