Friday, January 16, 2015

Random rodding. Volvo rodding...

We don’t have to make any confession. You all know that Salt Slush Racing Team members are Hot Rod Magazine fans.  We love the mix of hot rod spirit, need for speed, tech reports/investigations and personally I don’t think there is any other magazine that  can match HRM.

Therefore, we furiously tear off the plastic covers of HRM and look forward to a Gear Moment.

Besides American Muscle Cars, Model A's, Ford 32’s, Pick-Up trucks, Ol' Benz and Motorcycles, our hearts beats for highly boosted Volvo engines.  But Volvo and HRM are normally not compatible and therefore I was surprised, or rather shocked, in a positive way, when I opened the latest issue of HRM.

Under the headline Random Rodding the Volvo 450hp 2,0L prototype was on display. This doesn’t normally happen, it’s more like when-hell-freezes-over or when-it-rains-from-beneath kind of event.

Nevethelss, we got even more inspired in our process of building the 900hp Volvo Amazon Hot Rod with appetite for salt and dirt clouds...

The latest copy
The positive shock!

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