Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Small steps will take us there

Don't limit Your challenges, Challenge Your limits! It is maybe easier said than done, but we take it on and focused to start up Carinas Rototiller. In a couple of minutes we had it roaring in the SSR World Head Quarter. A real powerful and strong roaring sound…...

Above you see Ragnar B, one of the wizards behind Volvo's latest 450hp engine, taking on a real challenge.

Maybe not like riding a rocket, but still needs to be treated with respect !

Back to work. We still have a lot of welding to do, so Håkan grabbed the torch.

Small braces in place to support floor around driver. Anders designed super-service solution for the transmission.

Commercial work needs to be done as well!
Here we're shooting some high quality pictures of T-shirts for our Speedy Webshop.
Anders running the lathe since he needed some special bit's and pieces.
Time goes on, Carina takes out our Christmas tree.

The naked front but don't fool yourself structure for bellypan spoiler is coming in place. 

Milling to secure proper fitment

AGA's latest end greatest device will secure a high quality flow and nice welds.

Anders cleaning up our SFI approved bell housing to gain clearance to the gas pedal.

The conflict is soon a memory

Focus and precision

Combined with pure stubbornness

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