Tuesday, March 31, 2015

But who's driving ?!

Every time the SSR team proudly present The Dream and the race car, the driver question always pops up. So, who's gonna drive?
Here's  what; we're 5 persons in the Salt Slash Racing Team and 4 want's to drive. Will these wishes come true? Or will one of us walk around with The T-shirt and stop talking to the others? 
Nobody knows for sure, but according to Erik Hansson, a well know Land speed racer, it should be possible for all four of us to take the race license and make a serious attempt. If  the car is durable enough that is, he said with a grin...

Here are nevertheless, the potential drivers and their characters/personalities:

Magnus is a kind of Chuck Yeager type. Probably the one of us who's most comfortable to live up to the quote from Parnelli Jones "If you're in control, you're not going fast enough"  He's proven this by going faster than modern cars, with his Model A coupe in the yearly A-Bomber's Hill Climb with a strong and healthy four banger and original chassis and tires.  A ride with Magnus is an experience in many ways. You'll get a white face and a sick feeling when you arrive. Why? He drives his Model A according the old Volvo tag line "Drive it like you hate it".
Håkan is more like Smokey Yunick. He's  maybe not as opinionated as Smokey but he knows a lot about engines and it's not only theory, it's for real. The key question is;  has his high speed experience from his Corvette C6 given him the force to make it? He is probably the one us with the highest claimed speed of 272 km/h , measured by the speed meter in the Corvette on autobahn. He has speed robustness from his years with motorcycles. all though not with the fastest BMW and Triumph bikes, but weak and or strange chassis can compensate lack of power when training speed robustness.
Anders kind of Ingemar Stenmark with a renaissance man twist the one of us who is coolest and shows no feelings when the shit hit's the fan he for sure has the mental power to pass all borders in to the land of speed and still having the appearance of a nice sunday drive together with his mother. Proven race experience and a no worry mindset when it comes to the legal interface.
Karl-Johan is like Alfred Neubauer, a man which Stirling Moss said following about: He was an amazing character, who could have anybody snapping to attention if necessary, but would also show great thought and understanding, in relaxed moments he could have us all rolling about with laughter."  Kalle is a creative man of many ideas, a decision maker, who was born with gasoline in his veins. A Speedy person, with Speed on his mind and an impressive car background.
In ancient times, the Oracle in Delphi was the natural source of information. This old oracle would however be embarrassed if compared with Lars-Martin. LM doesn’t give foggy answers. Lars-Martin knows everything…and still, which is a mystery to the rest of the team, he don’t want to drive our racer at El Mirage and Bonneville....
So, not a driver, but instead the keeper of the Zoo above: Lars-Martin

But to be completely honest, all of use will drive on the salt and dirt, all of us will take the SCTA license and all of us will push the pedal to the metal slowly but steadily. 

The big question is come who's first to set a record and who's second...because the Amazon is our ticket to ride and enter in to the land of speed.

I guess that when we all have our SCTA approval, we'll line up for a series of years at Bonneville and El Mirage.
Mean and low and looking for driver(-s).

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