Thursday, April 2, 2015

Welcome to visit us at Custom Motor Show at Elmia

Salt Slush Racing at Custom Motor Show !

If you happen to visit Custom Motor Show during the easter weekend take the opportunity and pass by us and talk Turbos, especially Borg Warner EFR  and Airwerks we have the latest and greatest to show to you. Besides of turbos we have Slick 50, Shining Monkey, Rain-X……. 

Not only cars and products ! We have a guest, Mattias Jönsson and his Alfa in it self worth a stop by and a good look.

We are fully aware of that our stand isn't as big and visual as Summit Racing or Biltema but we can promise you that we offset this with our big talk about speed and turbos.

So ones again you are more than welcome !

Starting to get in order Mattias busy striping his Alfa behind the Roadster 

The Amazon meanwhile we are setting up our branding and information stuff.

Ok will this work ?

Tomorrow we will have it together 

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