Saturday, March 21, 2015

Heart surgery Part 1

We're aware of the fact that bare bones needs a skin, at least a thin layer of though surface that will protects us from the salt. That's why Anders is working with sealing the drivers compartment with SSR fabricated sheet metal. Piece by piece.
Layer by layer is finding is its place. We all love it.
But the planned heart surgery need to start at some point in time, and the time schedule should be kept. So we started. Task no. 1: remove all restriction. (Yes, I do feel a bit nostalgic, since I was in charge of developing this turbo system, approximately 15 years ago...time flies) 
Naked as can be...the base engine from exhaust side
same thing...but now, yes you're right, it's the inlet side
the stuff that we won't use
Still in good shape after all these years, but way too small for SSR

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