Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What keep us going

Hot Rod Magazine, Cake and Coffe is what keeps us going !

We are all eagerly waiting for the next issue and suddenly it arrives (We have all signed up). 5 issues lands in our mailboxes around the same time. Usually when this happen we start to call each other and start to reflect about new opportunitiees and interesting stories.

This time the bonus discussion where around to twists.

Front page.  

The first we saw and intrigued us was the theme and guiding star for this issue, 
CHEAP GAS IS BACK . Get Out And Burn It (before the man spoils our fun).
In a Swedish perspective maybe not a political correct twist…. since we not always are political correct we liked it a lot, especially the cars that where driven in different articles probably all with almost around 4 digit hp levels. 

Engine stories.

Two article generated a lot of discussion with two different framings.

  • The Ford Hemi SOHC article is to be seen as a educational basic, something to have with you and relate to. Just like certain classic books that are good to have read to be able reflect upon,  relate to, refer to and maybe drop an elegant quote from. Gives you also a historical perspective.
  • The Scroungers guide: Gen III Hemi Tips. We usually always end up with that the LS (In different set ups) is the best set up for motivation, nothing beats it regarding being robust, easy and affordable versus alternatives. This thesis is now under stress by the Gen III Hemi  which have a number of very strong technical proof points, head flow, configuration of engine combined with how it's engineered.
If you combine above with cake and coffee we are lost in different ideas and more or less good projects we have to build.

This phenomena repeats itself in the SSR Garage ones a month and keep us going.

What about our Fika

You need Coffee (Strong) hot milk (if you like it smother) and cake usually "mass-produced" cakes of different qualities and sometimes the more healthy alternative of sandwiches (less sugar)
But now and then we do have home baked which is the most luxuries alternative.

This weekends Chocolate Cake with Butter cream made by Carina (mainly) and Håkan (partly)

OK now you know how it works. 

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