Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LM Tool Time and on wheels celebration!

The team felt that a small celebration was needed. The expected eating, drinking and storytelling took place successfully. LM is, as you might remember our general help desk, and last Saturday he felt the urge to bring some hardware to the party. His stories about historic work was used to guide us to his latest finding, a new magic spray.
But first: A pile of older tools on display. A never used Bacho adjustable wrench/spanner in it's original box accompanied by a pocket knife and a small screwdriver.
To the point: LM had found a new answer to all problems: Gibbs all purpose lubricant !
His plan is to give our metal clean body a good coat to avoid surface corrosion.
LM had picked up this invaluable substance in better known speed shops and according to rumors metal fabricators like this.

Håkan couldn't help himself and tested the magic can in the living room and made a brown stain in the ceiling. Not a perfect move since Carina (his wife) had an issue with this artistic improvement. All tough the smell was judged as ok.
The ceiling got its celebration spot by Håkan after he and SSR the team had consumed some of this excellent recommendable rum, which enhanced the team creativity even further, but unfortunately contributed to bad judgment. Not a good combination, but for sure fun. 

Ones we've managed to get back on track, we ended up in a extremely energetic  discussion about making a pre-visit to Bonneville Salt Flats this year. We haven't fully decided this yet, but probably Håkan have to stay home in Sweden this year since Speed Week was cancelled after he tried to go there last year. Obviously we don't want to contribute to another canceled landspeed racing event...

Magnus, here posing as The King while enjoying celebration rum.

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