Monday, April 20, 2015

Engine wrestling, papercrafts and weekend progress

When others slept tight in their Sunday morning beds....our all nighter...
...Ragnar went up early to wrestle with a supercharged engine ( Remark: he's a hardcore carguy who's only driving cars with supercharged engines and English heritage. Lotus Exige 240hp in the summer and this Mini contraption during the winter) 
Seem like we have a winner...Ragnar vs Workshop devil: 1-0
But how about the Salt Slush Racing team? Have we all gone a-sleep? Hell now...but we've all moved back mentally to Kindergarten. We bought a roll of, what in Swedish is referred to as "milk cartoon paper" and went in to paper craft.
Waste from the process.
To calm down Anders played the piano. A stress relief in absence of weld splatter and milling chips. We all have our ways... 
 Voila! We're sealing the deal, or rather, sealing the drivers compartment step by step.
Next step? Transforming the interior from paper to sheet metal. Right picture: Before and after in the same picture.

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