Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Loboto-ma-tic Less Brain No Pain

Loboto-ma-tic, Less Brain-No Pain could it be a way to enable sucessfull +200 mph runs.

No, we are not in to politics or what is the best way to set up the society, we are only searching for the key to speed.

Last week at work a long time colleague shoved me below "faked advertise" from Svenska Dagbladet June the 4th 1991. It was probably a teaser in an ongoing debate at that time. Probably as valid today as then.

An obedient citizen is maybe not the rigth driver to pass 200 mph, so based on that non of us has made the decision to use below offer  of Loboto-ma-tic.  

What a wonderful world.

Satisfied patient. even friend with tax man, paradise ?

Honestly what is a good citizen !

No Pain No gain makes more sense.


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