Sunday, May 10, 2015

Flanges, Friends and Fast Forward

Saturday mornings, after the stress and the Friday night stress relief leaves the mind and body, the soul and mind are wide open and good news are more than welcome.

That’s why we were all happy when Magnus showed up with well-engineered hardware and a need for workshop endorsement. Which we, after inspection, rightfully gave him.
 Flange inspection
A wise man brings good stuff.
Perfection comes with adjustments
The smoking pipe.
Who said that building a race car is not team work?
Priority no.1: Low back pressure.
Priority no.2: Close the door.
One more piece of the driver compartment is ready. Not the final one though...
What's going on here? Well, since we have a new team in the garage there are new dreams, new projects....and therefore the Amazon needs to leave The Table.
Magnus experiance a short moment as Hip Hop King. Or was it a moment of dispare?
New dreams always involves the The Building Table. Magnus famous geometrical sense is here used to its limit. Anders and Kalle practise assembly.
A new A-patient is already ready for surgery
Cina enjoyes a moment of reflection. Magnus can't see no hard stop.
Magnus: -You see, it's almost ready, I just need to....
 Question: What do you get when you mix a Beetle and Boxter?
Answer: Something fast.

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