Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sheet metal fabrication. A love story

There is something about sheet metal. A big unformed piece of sheet metal always looks so promising, so full of possibilities, but at the same time, so unmanageable. You know there will be a fight. You know it will be hard to cut out big chunks with simple tools. It will be awkward to carry around on your own and if you treat it wrong it will cut your finger (-s) off.
But still it’s magic. Because deep in your heart you know that with the right touch and the right feeling, it can be used to form to Bugatti 57, sport car, a cool hot rod, a custom or a machine-fever-bare-bone-race car.
But there’s a but…it’s difficult… and it takes time and passion…and you cannot get the sheet forming feeling buy google only. You got to get the feeling. And you have some tools. And a lot of time.

That’s why there’s a hierarchy. A workshop a hierarchy. To be able to change your camshaft (-s) is fine, to be able to make a decent paint job is fantastic, but to be wizard of forming the sheet metal to a raw, artistic, practical, even sensual shape is to be on the top, on the top of the world. 
There’s another aspect as well. On your way to become a new Lazze Jansson, you can always buy machines. Or you can do it the Anders way which is to build machines. But keep in mind it’s not a material sport it’s artwork.

But what about Salt Slush Racing? We're into forming metal since we’re about to create the driver compartment and seal of the salt. A lot of sheet metal fabrication is currently on our agenda. Which is nice…because it’s fun and creative, full of joy and swearing.

So, if you don’t have time for Yoga, if jogging is not right down your alley, feel the sweat coming as you’re forming the metal and enjoy the warm feeling of creating something beautiful.

A good example
Yesterdays evening's outcome. 
Anders, homemade machine. Yes, it's electric.
 Where our feet should be. And some basic instructions.
 Metal over the  torque transfer area.

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