Sunday, June 7, 2015

Every little step...makes great progress!

There's a well known garage (and project) saying:
If you want to get something done, work with it continuously.
Make small efforts each day and you'll eventually get there. Design, plan, order or build something small ever day and your dream will come true!
This weekend we worked according to this device, with one exception....we made something big as well. A coolant tank for our Land Speed racer!
Anders and Kalle started on Saturday to plan the manufacturing and the tank design.
Today, they had built up a strong wish to use the folding machine. Already at lunch time, the aluminum sheet was folded.  
Cooperation, Cooperation and a Bead roller. A moment of concentration and peace of mind.  
The Bead roller is tooling its way in our tank to be.
Did I say that I like the bead roller as well? I'm still working with building the inner compartment. Maybe not snugly, but a lovely fast-machine feeling. Please note that Anders has made a bullet proof transmission tunnel as well.
Karl-Johan in action
So...the coolant tank is almost ready...but does it fit? Can we get it in?
Yes, it fits like a glove! (view from right door)
 View from the left.
 And yes, they're a bit proud...and yes, they are thinking about the next step.
Meanwhile, Carina, our CFO is taking care of our bills. She seems happy with this very moment at least...

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