Friday, June 19, 2015


It's midsummer in Sweden today.  A national tradition with deep roots. What it is? To cut a long story short; everybody gets a day off when it's appropriate to start to drink beer and schnapps even before lunch and as a consequence people are dancing around a pole (a contraption covered with leaves- phallus symbol?) and go to bed late.  A relaxing day.
The Midsummer specification state that the weather should be sunny. But that (almost) never happens. Rain, however releases creativity and sweet dreams about speed and desserts and hence its good for our Landspeed racer. 
A typical Schnapps.
Ah, I forgot this part of the Midsummer story. Midsummer = Herring. The picture above shows a typical can of Herring. Goes well with Schnapps, luckily.
A normal Midsummer sky. The rain is coming within a couple of minutes.
But how about our piece-by-piece strategy? Does it really work? Well, we can here see Anders in action as he's welding the last part of the race car floor together. It's his way to deserve a beer.
 We can start to talk about an interior. If there is a risk for a plastic feeling? Nope.
By now, I think it's time for a beer.

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