Saturday, June 27, 2015

Think Tank and Management System.

Saturday. Work continues. The water tank will soon be formed and Santa Claus made a summer visit.
Santa in the Garage ? Well, Magnus arrived with our long debated and thought through engine management system.
AAAAA let's see what is in the bag ?
Ignition coils with the power to create Thunder and lightning big time.
Cable harness
Black and White, Yin and Yan, Magnus try to feel what it would be like to take on the nailhead with today's technology instead of yesterday's. Ragnar and Magnus kept on debating today and yesterday. Meanwhile useful work was performed.
Here we go. The stuff that will control the speedy beast.
Håkan, the blacksmith, made turbo brackets. Design strategy: Sophisticated engineering, farmer design.
I'm working with the think tank... making a frame and a lid to make it possible to load ice and water quickly. 
In action. Koncentration with K. Magnus offering as much support as he possibly can.
Yes, we did have a debate. A constructive debate.
Håkan will most likely bore you to death with bore and stroke, pistons, conrods and deck heights. More about that late. Anders is here trying to get make the cam cover look beautiful. With chemicals. Environmental friendly chemicals. Did I mention environmental friendly?

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