Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All machines needed!

There's a well established truth among car guy's. Which goes likes this:
 -You need machines to build a (fast) machine.
That's normally not a problem if you like machines. Which is to fair to say that the Salt Slush Racing team does.
The only problem is that you need a full set of machines in order to not bump in to embarrassing problems. 
Tonight it was a nice evening in Gothenburg area, the sun was shining and it was machine pick-up time. No cloud in the sky, no problem on our minds. Just pure pleasure, until... 
Rule number one: You need a machine to pick up a machine. We borrowed Carina's pick-up truck. Check!
So, we went to machine heaven where our new (i.e. old solid, Swedish machine) were located. So, we found it. (Isn't she beautiful? ) Check!
 In a certain angle and a certain light...this device will help us to cut up metal in a slow but reliable pace. Watching it work will provide piece of mind.
Yes, we've bought an old grinder as well.
Recap, you need a machine to build a machine. You need as well a big machine to load a machine. If you have a wheel loader or similar... 
...machines fly up on a truck bed faster than you can send an SMS. Check!
Anders and I home at bay with a "who-need-a-fork-lift" attitude.
Tail gate open 
 Grinder off. No problem.
At home, with a -the-old-robust-Swedish-machines-are rather-heavy kind of feeling. But we'll get it of. One of these day. Saying of the day: Don't grasp over more than you can handle...if you don't have a wheel loader or a tractor, that is.
 Meanwhile we enjoy an original SAJO RC30 manual and wait for deus ex machine or similar.

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