Monday, July 27, 2015

Car guy's vs. Normal people - A reasonable daily commuter

Ok. Most people today think of a car as a mean of transportation. Information: Car guy's doesn't understand this strange attitude to cars and bikes. Because their brains are not wired that way.

For these people, and I know them well, a pair of wheels are something different. It's a way to transport the soul (and as well the body) in graceful harmony with feelings and as well to  expose these publicly. To experience freedom and to see this freedom in other peoples eyes.

To walk out one early summer morning, in the total stillness, with all senses fully awake, let the car key smoothly slide in to the ignition switch....listen to the solenoid as it engage the starter motor, hear the engine turn and then, as a true more silence...just the song of the engine and a flow of all associated dreams that comes alive. At this point, even the birds will envy of sound of controlled combustion.  The hedge shiver from the exhaust pulses, as you clear the engine throught. Now, the hairs on your arms will stands up. 
The hedge...
But as well car guys needs a daily drive. We all need to go to work, most of us live where there's seasons and hence we all need a reliable pair of wheels to manage our every day. But since car enthusiasts has a skewed picture of what a sensible ride is, our view might seems unreasonable to normal people.

To get a better understanding, I've confronted car guys from Sweden, US, Germany with following question: (Mostly well structured men and women with generally clear minds)

- What is a reasonable commuter, a daily drive?

A good friend (in US):
- Good question! -You really need something sensible, nothing strange. -Something that always works. -Something effortless. -Hmmm.... -Let me think...(long silence). Hmmm....-Perhaps an old International Scout? -Very good vehicle if the snow strikes hard! -Or an early man Porsche Turbo? They're small, reasonable and swift in traffic. -Hmmm...very hard to decide with these boundary conditions...
Another close friend (in Sweden) concluded:
-A daily drive...very complicated question. -You need to think in another, more logic way....-A Ford Thunderbird -61 with a Coyote engine perhaps? -Do you think it will fit? -Or perhaps a S10 with an EFR boosted V6, with manual transmission? could be really nice...and reasonable at the same time. 
-An old Mercedes W123 Station Wagon from the-80ties! bursted another friend. -A more sensible vehicle could not be found on this earth. -Extremely practical! 
Another, not too old man, claimed that a Lotus Exige was more or less as far as you could get in usefulness and ride comfort. -Keeps you fit as well, he claimed rightfully.
An alternative to The Gym, the practical Exige
-Well, if it wasn't for my wife's interest in comfort and social status, I would have kept my Dodge Weapon carrier from 1942 as a daily drive, with some extra clothes in the winter, it was a remarkably practical vehicle, said a dear friend with a crave for the open sky and side valve configuration,
A comfy ride.?
How about Carina and I? Well....

...who are we to judge...

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