Sunday, August 30, 2015

Air & Worms and Tailgate.

We haven' had a Tailgate party yet but from now on it's possible. Suitable for Sushi perhaps?

Nevertheless, since we're moving forward with the front of the car and  since Anders has got control over the air piping worms nest, it's time to get going with the rear end of the vehicle and start to populate the trunk area with all kinds of useful stuff, like fuel tank, pumps, filters etc.
But first, find the tail gate, the hinges, the screws. Took some time... then make it fit. Lower part was no problem.
The upper part needed a little bit more adjustment...will we use the original roof hinges? There are pro's and con's. A debate and a modification will be needed.

But how about this? The Y-connection from the intercoolers to the Throttle body. Smooth bends, looks at least like a good air flow path. We're confident. For sure...

Thick Worms crawling around the engine. But it looks like we're reasonably well prepared for the assumed airflow of 3000kg per hour.
Yes, we'll have to make some hoodlouvers as well. The Amazon hood is however not perfectly prepared for louvers. Could no one see this coming back in the sixties? We'll find a way to make it work and look cool. I hope.
Is boost pressure the only thing we're thinking of? Nope. Since we're painfully aware of the fact that pressure drop before the compressors and an even distribution of air before the compressors are a key factors, we do not neglect this part in our turbo installation. Some shields here and there and we'll hopefully feed the turbo's with good fresh air.
 If it's possible to close the hood? We'll soon find out. If we can fill up oil without dismantling the boosting system? Yes, the SSR service department has been involved in the process from the start. Does it look Cool or Hollow-eyed?  You be the Judge.

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