Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Wife Happy Liffe

You have maybe heard the saying Happy Wife Happy Life ?

In search of undisputed truth we (I) in the SSR Team are doing some groundbreaking scientific experiment.

My Wife has a Camaro 68 std cab,  she has owned it for more than 15 years used it a lot and had a lot of fun with it.  

Originally it was a descent driver with ok rust repairs and not so much leakage from the transmission ok engine etc. But 15 years has taken out its right more rust leakage and some rather odd and strange behavior and for sure not a trusted and reliable friend any more.

It was time for some overhauling and since we do not live in LA and tried to get in to the Chip Foose lottery we had to do it "ourselves", meaning it will not be ready in 7 days etc.

OK what to do lets update powertrain to a take out from a Corvette 94 (350 LT1 with 4L60E transmission)  CPP pro touring package, fresh body, paint, electrical, interior ………OK almost everything.

Before, looks good on distance (and happy wife in drivers seat)

50 shades of everything

50 shades of, well not grey…. it has had many colors over the year Butternut Yellow, Purple, Green, Red and most of all a lot…. I mean a lot of body filler….. Under the filer you usually find rust and rather pragmatic rust repairs. Yes we found all of it. 

Further up along the road chassis and brakes in place,  Pwrtr lurking at home in the Garage meanwhile my friend and wizzard is doing wonders no names but he is the best. It was so bad that we had to buy new trunk lid, doors and front to make it possible.  

Some long time later

New door in place and yes it fits rather good

New trunk lid in place 

To secure the undisputed truth we (I) have started to collect data and try find and tie it to reference literature and most of all searched for a correlation between Happy Wife and increased spendings in to automotive area. I will try to take a picture of here when she opens the American Express bill.

So far no one has dared to support me as tutor in this what could my last experiment

To be continued

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