Thursday, September 17, 2015

Grim Grinder and Welder in trance

Autumn darkness is lurking out there as days are getting shorter. All enthusiast cars needs to fall in to winter sleep soon...but for winter active cars guys another season starts. The garage season. Filled with engine assembly, sheet metal forming and coffee & socializing. Will we hear the Amazon roar before Christmas? Well, that's the plan. But let's see. 

The Welder, Anders, here with a mix of concentration and determination. Smells like roof rail deletion. A strange smell of-god-knows-what. Rust protection from the past? Or is this the smell that comes when a Station Wagon looses its practical soul? Hell no, then we should have smelled it long time ago.
 Angle grinders in a victorious pose on steel table. Limited edition.
Surgery on-going. 
Roof suture ready. We just need for the wound to heal. The bad news is that it won't heal without many hours of fine grinding 
Wound healed. Surface soft as baby skin. Mission completed. Time for a cold drink and a shower...or two.

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