Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mid week sheet metal obsession.

Anders has got the Sheet Metal Fever. A dangerous garage syndrome which can lead to a weld tan, sleeping problems and project completion. For Salt Slush this means that we've got rid of one looong roof rail and that we can see the doors lining up nicely.

This gives the Amazon body a nice smooth touché (yes, we're still talking about the car, nothing else)

After 10 hours of metal fever: Passenger side, sleek and fast looking.
 At 0 hours: Driver side, a roof rail waiting for the grim angle grinder.

The fast looking side from one angle. 
The fast looking side from another angle. 
Changing subject...The Early Santa arrived today...and he brought...high performance fuel pumps and fuel pressure regulators! Soon to end up close to a tank in the back.

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