Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tank in position, Parts delivered and Friends visiting. A Good Weekend!

Where to position the fuel tank? As usually we moved this important device around in randomly for a while before we eventually put it behind the rear axle and slightly off-set to the vehicle center line. With this position we'll still be able to have a tail duct in the back.

Why we put it offset with the fuel line pointing to the left?  Because we will build a small, serviceable fuel pump/fuel regulator and fuel filter station to the left, that's why. Must be the best solution...or not...time will tell.
Fuel tank in position. Picture taken from the vehicle's tail gate.
 Same tank, same position from another angle.

The engine part are arriving step-by-step. We now have pistons, cylinder head, and MLS head gasket and we're just waiting for the camshafts and conrods to show up in our workshop. The right picture illustrate the important Salt Slush Racing quality control on incoming gods. Kalle is simultaneously calibrating the Scale. So far everything ok.

As usually, friends come by to experience the Beast themself. Here's my old friend Thomas Sandgren caught dreaming about speed and salt.
All charge air pipes are now in place and welded together.  Anders has as well managed to seal the intercoolers. Karl-Johan is thinking about his water tank and fountains.

 A nice side view if you ask me.

And yes, we have as well started to remove parts of the roof rails. We all know that the body needs to be smooth to be fast as a shark...

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