Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tool, Juice, Wife time and taking care of business

We are doing progress in many areas and securing the basics for the next steps. Why live today, just now, when you can prepare for tomorrow?

The Amazon develops smooth and steady a lot thanks to Anders focus and determination.The drip rails are history as one example.

But as you know key is as always to prepare and take care of busines to be able to have progress tomorrow.

Tool Time ! Plasma Cutter

To be able to take away everything that not look like a super fast Amazon we need a tool to do it fast and precise and what is better then a plasma cutter? Voila! Therefore we have a plasma cutter on board in the garage. Not the best and the not biggest but a good start.

Juice Time, ! magic Voodoo Vitamins ?

Vitamins are important. Tapio, the bravest of them all regarding eating strange stuff, brought a new juice to The Garage. Let's just say that it tasted better than it looked. Håkan refused to taste it and had a hard time to even look at it.

The tricky question was if there is a tomorrow after a bottle Fresh Grass Jelly Drink

Looks different but Ok, could be good for tomorrow.

O Noooooo what is in the Juice ? Mega spider ? There is no Tomorrow.

We Saw Tapio the day after he drank the Juice including the Mega Spider.

Wife time !!!

To be able to spend time in the Garage, Very Happy Wife is needed. Therefore Wife Camaro is doing progress, front is on and it's getting there step by step. Still waiting for some more sheet metal which is on it's way from Taiwan and emblems from Year One in US….. Wife is happy still waiting for the Amex bills then it maybe will change….. maybe buy more parts to wife car will make her happy again ?

New sheet metal is nice even if some massage and TLC is still needed.

The plan is to set up all sheet metal with love and care and paint it apart.

Bonus & Taking care of business 

Besides of that we are discussing new dreams, as you maybe noticed a ramp truck is one of them. But what to put on it when the Amazon is in the USA?

We are now in to MB Race Cars more precise a SLC set up for the track racing. Let's see what happens, dreams are for free.

Maybe something like above, could be with German Beer sponsors like Bitburger or Königs pils,…. Hmmm the right 16" AMG wheels …. fender flares ….. spoiler …...

As I dreamt about a SLC race Car I was of to Verktygsboden in Veddige today and bought necessary spare parts to our TIG welder.   That is taking care of business.

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