Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Salt Slush goes West to the US of A.

When car enthusiasts tour California, they find at least 3 things to envy. Firstly: The Sun. Secondly: Rust Free cars. Thirdly: The fuel prices. 
Let's start with the last: Even slow driving Prius & Volt drivers in CA will need a heart massage if we told them about European fuel prices. Which is why we won't. Cause it would be inhuman and we are good people.
Info for European gear heads: The price is in dollar per gallon. Gallon =3,8L. Yes it's true, you're not dreaming. 
 We bumped in to these dancing animals. It must be these creatures that stood models for...
...this magnificent pair of wheels. Yes, it's just our rental car. But even the entry version with the small non boosted V6 and only 300hp behaves really good. Braking and handling is far better than I expected.
  A Volvo 544 in San Francisco. It cheers up a dull and posh area in San Francisco with too much Prius, Piltes and Polenta.
 Porsche or Chevy 1958 cab? Why choose?  A nice street mix anyhow.
Anyone for a Mercedes 300SEL 6,3? Runs & Drive and free from rust. In need of TLC, quite a lot of TLC actually. But still, it's a Gentlemen's Hot Rod from a glorious past.
Mario Felker from Germany once raised a question. -Does everything in US have to look cool...?
 ...for a while I thought the answer was; Yes!
Then I realized that the answer is No. Example: US Postal Service does NOT travel in style.
But now over to cool stuff. We were honored to be invited to look at the Track Master T-Roadster, built by the late Jerry Magnuson. An amazing pair of wheels which really stands out. Low weight, 50/50 weight balance and a lot of V8 power. A hand built masterpiece. Two of these has been built so far. Out of which one is painted...
..while the other one is still in raw sheet metal & aluminum. A status that really expose the craftsmanship involved.  
The LS376 engine packaging is tight and smart. You don't know what a LS376 is? Google it.
But how was the sheet metal shape created? Dreaming won't do....no, they made a wooden plug over which the sheet metal was formed. This plug took a lof of time to build and for sure, it's a piece of art in itself.
The LS376 engine with the Track Master designed bell housing. Starter motor on top of transmission and ignition coils moved away from the cylinder heads to enable a really tight packaging. Looks like OEM level...
But how did we get around in US this time? Navigation system classic. Carina reading from printed notes. Like rally driver. She's knows what she's doing and she gets a tan as well.
We paid a visit to Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbanks as well. These guys knows how to design and create a Contemporary Art Deco Hot Rod in a Hipster Heaven type of workshop.
Full Scale drawing painted on the wall.This project was once the remaining of a Packard -36. We bought a t-shirt and were stunned.
Carina at Mooneye Speed Shop. She's happy. Looks like her C20 pickup at home will get a new steering wheel.
Cheers from CA!

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