Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chocolate box !

Life at SSR workshop is like a box of chocolatesyou never know what you're gonna get.Or you get what you pay and plan for

At SSR we do like to influence our destiny so we have ordered the chocolates in our box specifically and at this very moment you can say that Håkan and Carinas box has a lot of tasty and sweet chocolates. Since a week Carina and Håkan are traveling the California's with a heavy and severe car addiction theme.

We here in Sweden have a box with a slightly different taste a little tougher and rougher taste more in line with our autumn and not so much mythical gasoline alley influence, still tasty, but different.

But all of you know how it is, the good ones are the first to go and the dark and rough ones are the last to go.

Before Håkan goes to sleep (every evening !) he drops us a mail (that we read in the morning every morning !……) the mail describes the most fantastic visits to different Hot Rod Temples and Hot Rod People…. we talk about TrackMaster (See last Rodders Journal for a full blown article), Hollywood Hot Rods, Old Crow, Dan Warner President SCTA ,  Ron Main Speed Demon (Poteet team) Erik Hansson,……as a couple of examples. Dan and Ron spent time discussing our SSR Amazon with Håkan which was and will be very useful. The list is longer and continues to grow……..wish we where there ….. next trip…… hmmmm….

So here in Sweden / Gothenburg,  the autumn is here,  the boat is on land, the trees are getting yellow and we have had frost on our cars a couple of mornings. Our tolerance or should we say need for Håkans mail is rather low or high  we tend to see us as victims, all tough only to be blamed on our selfs not taking the time and money to join them on there trip. 

So every morning when we read his travel report, a battle occurs in our heads, the black and the white side (or the Good and the Bad side). After a couple of lines in his mail we are lost, totally lost and hit by a severe California anxiety, grabs the phone and call, no matter what time it is in California…. start to ask him to tell more and more and more ask questions about findings and impressions…..we are as you might understand on a starvation diet (boosted by the now here Autumn) of the California Gasoline Alley in combination with the California sun, nice heat and dedicated people. 

What can we do more than read his mails again and again and call him now and then.

Well, we can always escape in to work, complemented with consumption of chocolate in the SSR garage. Since we are middle age and at least I a little bit to heavy i can't eat that much chocolate so I have to buy car parts instead, a relevant and good alternative .

Anders Who is in rather good shape, could have eaten a lot of chocolate but decided to buy a Dodge Ram PU instead, a very very good and healthy choice. 

Hemi !!!! at last my roadster has a friend who understand here.

Dodge guarding the garage !

Instead of Chocolate I bought some emblems and bright work to my wifes Camaro.
Second to diamonds chrome can at distance be seen as an alternative…. I have heard ?….

Big box from Year One with some nice stuff.

A dodge Ram is the perfect platform to handle big boxes. 
Anders thinking if or not to keep the bed liner it's ugly but…….

Nice and shiny Camaro emblems

I ordered som 67 flags also will look nice 

After some som work and creativity Anders had made a cutting template device for the plasma cutter. You follow your drawing and the plasma cutter follows and do the same in half scale.  

Card board engineering !

This is what you get

The Anders device overview.

So complemented by our choice of chocolate we spent saturday in the garage moving the SSR Amazon closer to its next phase. 

I made one more loop cleaning welds on the water tank and now the tank is a tank without leakage. Next step is to do inlets and outlets and fixation in the car.

Anders had a get to know each other (Anders & the Dodge) day 

Magnus who now is closer to famous Rock Star epithet after a series of success shows With Royal Rocker massaged the front wheel houses pictures to come.

Meanwhile writing the blog early Sunday morning we just recived travel report no 6 from Håkan……. I am reaching for the phone at the same time as i publish the blog.

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