Monday, November 2, 2015

Big Thing, Short Block !

In terms of engine, we've reached the top. The top of the mountain. We took the engine apart, we've spend time thinking about the specification and ordered all the good stuff. We took us through a nervous machining period and now it was about time, time to start the assembly and Sunday morning was the day.

I have theory. Sunday mornings are the perfect days for precision work. The stress is gone. Hangover is often very mild. Concentration and focus comes easy. Which was really the case this Sunday. Outside the autumn leaves were falling calmly and sky was gloomy. Inside, in our cozy workshop, creative ideas and coffee was flowing. We read and discussed Ron Main's book:  Bonneville, A century of Speed while dreams about various rides was exchanged with ease.

Magnus was trying to understand how the hell to connect the Holley engine management system with the Volvo sensors etc. He walked back and forward while coming to conclusions. Anders was working on workshop improvements while Carina enthusiastically was building various stuff for our home garden.

Back to the engine and the magic of base engine assembly. I know, we've all done it before, but still, these parts are special. They will feel the pressure as they transfer beautiful chemical energy to real fresh power and speed. I've been working and playing with these parts more or less my whole life, but I still have respect for them. 

Flipping the piston through the guiding piston ring compression device.

Concentration pictured.
All in place, time to turn things around.
 Conrod bearings needs a lot of torque.
MLS gasket on a bed of fresh cut aluminum. Life's good.

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