Sunday, November 1, 2015

In and Out

We needed to connect to the rest of the cooling system, but how to solve that was the big question.

After some searching we managed to find aluminum bungs to use.

All though they need some cutting and modification before welding them to the tank. The trick is to be able to take the tank in and out from the car. So the task was to let water in and out to the coolers and also being able to empty the water tank as such.

Good raw material is always a shortcut instead of fabricating everything from scratch.

Thinking and testing hmmm.

Let's remove what we don't like….

As always, learning by doing, but one advice; keep down the rpm to avoid flying bungs.
Håkan who has much more machining experience than me gave me a cold laugh.

Welded ! and yes, it could have been nicer but it's better than the one before and for sure the next one will be even better. The key is to keep on learning and challenge yourself. 

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