Friday, November 6, 2015

Car guy's vs. Normal people -Definition of junk

I remember a distant visit to my parents house back in the mid 90ties.  It was a regular, dull, but heartful visit. A kind visit which most of us have some kind of relation to.  

It was summer and I felt the urge to break loose, to feel the freedom that a roadtrip  offers.

The crowd eventually gathered and we drove calmly through nice winding roads and nobody was worried, we were all in harmony.

THEN! Whoa! All of a sudden! All senses awake! I spotted a busted old Peugeot 504 pick-up truck parked outside a shady car dealer in the middle of nowhere in the very south of Sweden. As I parked, my mother woke up and instantly got furious.

-Why the hell are we parking? she bursted out loud.

I didn't pay attention since I was focused on an old French farmer type of pick-up truck. While I was talking to the dealer, Carina soothed my mothers soul with small talk as she silently understood were the situation were heading.

Correct model. Stolen picture. No lion was included. Luckily.

I remember my mothers statement.
-Why is he test driving that piece of junk?
Carina and I had another view, because  we saw a different pair of wheels...we saw the grace of...a cool, free of rust, practical pick-up truck that fulfilled unexpressed dreams that now was coming true.
We felt like a pair of sunburned, Gauloises smelling, hard working French Wine farmers and we were to blind to see that the electrical system was shot, that the smell of the piled up dust and dirt was far too strong. Cause we were in dream mode.
My mother was on the other side wide awake. All she could seek was a piece of junk.
Carina and I was with Alice, in the Wonderland.
The aftermath is another story....

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