Sunday, November 8, 2015

Today's theme: Seal-Off!

To seal, to fence off, create order in chaos and to the keep the right stuff on the right side, that was what this weekend was all about. 

We need a dust free space for our growing Speed Shop, which is why Anders with real Beaver Eager took the task to his heart. He's closing the loft and transferring into a clean room,or at least a rather clean room. Consequence: Hornbach is running out of OSB boards, Anders pick up truck soon needs a new set of tires.

Building walls to fence off dust
Raising faster than the Berlin wall

Meanwhile, Magnus and I are trying to understand which gaskets and seals we need to complete the engine build. It's a puzzle...Tomorrow I'll approach a Volvo spare part center with a long list full of gaskets and seals but without having a VIN or registration number, like in the good ol' days. Will this work? Future will tell.

Not one bourbon, one scotch and one beer, but one oil pump, one water pump and one thermostat housing.
Engines part on a surface of stainless steel.
The shopping list. Stained with coffee and oil. 
Santa want to say something as he's standing in front of Magnus Dragster to be. Don't disturb? Genius at work?

Magnus (yes, he has the ability to work with several projects at the same time) was working with his Old Style Altered/Competition Coupe Dragster. It's taking shape....

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