Monday, November 30, 2015

Doctors advice: Breathe in, breathe out...

Gas exchange  is a vital part for man and machine motion. So we called in a set of different experts that could provide the breathing control. Out came a cure that could solve this issue of fatigue.
Here they are, the two nice camshafts from Schrick. They will help us to make the engine breath deeper.
But are we doing? What is this? This the result of accurately measuring of fixed tappets.

What's this? Let's go through this in detail. Upper row from the left: the Volvo 960 fixed cam sprocket, which has a smaller diameter compared with the upper right cam sprocket which is the sprocket from Volvo S80 with Variable Valve Timing.
Well, here's a problem, we like the camshaft to run with exactly half the engine speed since this makes the engine last significantly longer then we had to buy two new sprockets made for the S80 engine without VVT.
Ok. With all parts finally available. We called in an expert. Christer helped us to set the cam timing. Efficient since Christer has all the tools and the expertise to set the cam timing correctly on a modified engine.
And yes, the cam timing is now set. No valve-piston contact. Everything looks perfect. We're relieved ! Thanks' Christer.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Magnus is busy with something. Ragnar inspect the activity suspiciously. But what is Magnus doing?
A precision part with treads..
...and Magnus, is proud over his work in a balanced way.
The fabricated masterpiece. What it is ? It's a small device that enable us to use the Volvo 960 oil sump (N3) on the S80 engine (RN3T), and assemble an oil filter without making treads in the RN3T engine block...Goethe early pointed it out many years ago;  The devil's in the details
Luckily we have a serum against technical evilness. Magnus precision.

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