Saturday, November 28, 2015

The chicken and the hen. How it all began...

There was this dark Sunday evening, in the cold and windy Swedish autumn, when I felt that it was about time to take the creaking stair up to the attic for a reason that I've  already forgotten.

I looked in one of the cardboard boxes and found stuff from more than 30 years ago, which made me think...about when dreams really are formed.

When form, shape and colors are mixed with thundering exhaust fumes and speed to spark fantasizes for the very first time. Apparently it's a serious poison, because when I study my old plastic models, which I built in the end of the 70-ties, I almost got a little bit frightened...

Then: A Studebaker which looks like it's made for Landspeed racing... 
Now: The Salt Slush Amazon project, which is made for landspeed  racing!
Then: I built two Plymouth Coupé. One 100% stock and one custom.
Now: I recently bought a Ford 1946 coupe. It's still in stock condition.

Side by side. To the right;  a Revell/Monogram model of a -41 Plymouth. Left: My view on custom coupes as a young Swedish teenager. Yes, I built and modified both myself.
A Chevy -57. Am I strong enough to resist the temptation and not buy one in 1:1? You tell me, I don't know. I'm still fighting with myself.

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