Monday, November 23, 2015

El Mirage others and more impressions

Here's some more photos and impressions from El Mirage nov 2015. First of all I'm not the best photographer and I've been using the iPhone instead of a proper camera.
The same starting picture, but now with Ich S, who made this happen. THX you! You're invited when Salt Slush Racing turn up with the Amazon.

El Mirage is a national "forest" area and as they say in US, the land of many uses, which it is for sure.
Ok, we are allowed to drive snowmobiles outside our roads in Sweden, but that's about it.
All in all, there seems to be a deeper understanding for what is really important in US.     I guess, thanks to SCTA work and their way of running the event's.

For a long time car nut living in Sweden, raised by Hot Rod magazine and a tons of other car magazines, who has followed the US car scene on distance, this was a Pilgrim Journey

One thing regarding land speed racing is that you have to have a lot of patience, there's waiting, waiting and waiting. I think there was almost 200 race cars and the lines to everything were long.
Inspection, Compound, Line up for race and yes, it is hot and dusty, but people are nice and you just have to play it cool and enjoy.
There are some things you have to understand. You just don't mess up things around you. Therefore everyone had old wash machine drums as fireplaces, takes care of their garbage and the race pit was covered with "Pit Carpet". Everyone is used toilet which  there were plenty of everywhere and they were all and very clean. 

Besides of above, the only thing you can buy is SCTA T-shirts and mugs. No food, water or ice cream. This is not Disneyland. What you need you have to bring yourself.
You travel in style when you visit, like in this nice C10. If you put it like this, there were not that many Ferraris and Porsches around. Prestige comes with what you made and  built and not what you've bought.
You stumble on cars and feel familiar to them since you recognize them from magazines and films.
A famous land speed motorcycle. 
Ich had long time a go been involved with aerodynamic work on this one 

Famous from a lot of places, such as Rodders Journal. Inline GMC six

Chevy 57 on it's way 

Returning from a speed trial

As said before, you travel in style, not meaning Ferrari, at El Mirage another code is what count's

A lot of power is good, and what a good way to use an LS engine. Who is to judge when enough is enough ? Yes, You Yourself and nobody else (besides your Wife maybe)
Very practical four seats vehicle. Perfect when you have to visit friends all around the pit.
Datsun has made it's place in the car scene

Nice delivery !

You make and do something of what you got and all in all, all vehicles sends the signal of being authentic, with many years and generations of technical creativity.
Others do it with style and still very very authentic. 

Air guides over the roof and fixation of front window.

A spoiler make sense on a Chevy 57. Seems to be the original purpose with the fins. Maybe yesterdays twist of inbuilt riddles by the engineers. Nowadays you find examples in SW if  you write XY Z etc and then something cool happens. Yesterday, the GM engineers must have foreseen the usage of a spoiler on the trunk.

Another example of how to travel in style

This is how you race in style

In the pit, you experience a mix of drag racing and the wild west ending up in a contemporary T-shirt, jeans and straw hat kind of style.
Not only a lot of famous cars. There were a lot of famous people and celebrities at El Mirage. Since we don't talk about Gucci boy's or the Kardashians as celebrities, there's another more authentic twist here, represented by Gene Winfield passing by in the Galpinger Ford Mustang...

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