Sunday, November 22, 2015

El Mirage Nov 2015 1 + 1 = 3

Sometimes things work's out just right…without having El Mirage in mind I was planned on a business trip by Volvo Cars to LA. I had a day off and what to do? I discussed with my friend Ich and then he says;
-Why not go to El Mirage? It took only part of a second and it was set.

Weather was fantastic, little cold in the morning, but after a while hot, hoter than a Swedish summer.

Best of all was that weather seemed to work out well, which is not the case when Håkan and Carina tries to visit El Mirage or Bonnevile, they have managed to close it down more than two times with flooding etc.

Here we are on our way in !

Found our friend Erik Hansson with his 132 wing tank and his 123 29 roadster

He was busy working on his wingtank we had a quick hi and hallo and 
as always at a race, the focus is on the race and not on soft talk.

When we where in Eriks stand we heard  Dave Davidsson do a 277 mph run which is fastest ever on El Mirage
Two cars make a lot of work and of course a lot of fun !

Kind of cool

We had a long walk along the track and saw a lot of cars !

Besides of race cars there where some famous cars like this twin T engine rail 
famous from magazines and old Crow I think.

Cool roadster

Old Crow race car

This is  B ford engine with a homemade twin cam cylinder head 
feed from two sides and exhaust on one side

Looks cool, there were a lot of technical creativity not only this car, all combined with authentic patina from many years and generations. 

Tech details

rear axle tank etc

Graig Anton in 482 Dennis Piranio model A from Rod Riders 

 Tom Evan 5252 XF BFS Super Fours warming up

Nice sound and rooster tail

The visit is well summed up with above, dangerous …...

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