Saturday, November 14, 2015

Explode view, Tear Down, Outburst of energy...

We've reached the point of sudden destruction. Calm down, it all according to plan.
We're in a whirlwind of change which is why we're humming the old mantra that says,
-Before it gets better it has to get worse..!
Like what? Like going to the dentist, having a planned surgery or walking in new shoes.

 The Amazon of Speed as we knew it. Right view.
You guessed it. Left view.

Feel the speed
Celebrities  visiting the Salt Slush workshop.  Göran Ambell, the eager man who (together with Sture Torngren) back in the last shivering years of the 70 ties, broke a wall of hard grey bureaucracy and gave back the colorful creativity to Swedish car guys. He started the Swedish hot rod magazine Wheels, which I read like a bible when I was a young teenager.
The Speed Amazon Scattered.
5 more minutes to go before...

..we hang the body high
Then the heart got to leave the soul.
It's an emergency!

The old Volvo 960 engine, from which we need certain parts (like the oil sump) needs to be taken apart. Therefore all men on deck! Why? Because it's fun and exiting. Everybody loves an engine tear down.
Meanwhile, in parallel,  Magnus old style altered dragster/gasser is taking shape.

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