Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Heads Up!

Yes, we've made some important steps. The cylinder head, provided and prepared by Christer Johansson, is now assembled on our cylinder block. 
Before we had the pleasure to install the head and experience a mile stone, I added five 0,8mm special grinded feeler gauges in the Volvo cylinder block slits that's located between the cylinders. These are added to make the open deck cylinder block design act more like close deck and give more stability to our 900hp engine.
I felt a certain relief when I could verify that the old Volvo 960 engine mounts had bosses on the S80 block. Thanks' Volvo for not taking those away!
Intake side: Head, block and bedplate (and 960 engine mounts) assembled.

Same piece of metal, but now from exhaust side.
To the left: Volvo N3 engine oil sump for Volvo 960 (for north-south installation)
To the right The S80 T6 oil sump (for east-west installation) 
The 960 engine disassembly was to start with a stress free event...
...but then we got more and more exited.
Yes, there are some obstacles. For example the oil filter connection. We need to fabricate a new tube connection and make some treads in the S80 T6 block. But we will manage, no problem...I think.. 
Meanwhile we're working with finalizing all welding's on our go cart. Much easier  without body, transmission, engine and cooling devices. Don't ask me why...but the kid in me would really like to drive the go cart....wouldn't that be fun

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