Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The indispensable Pick-Up truck! A Tribute!

The pick-up truck.

If you haven't had one, buy one. But first a word of advice; It will change your soul. You will raise up from the sofa and start a journey, a journey through creativity. There's an apparent risk that you will become a creative doer.

The risk of becoming a hoarder increases as well. If your inclined to hoarding consider another pair of wheels.

Before you buy your first pick-up truck there are only impossibilities, but as soon as you put your ass on the truck sofa the possibilities comes flowing.

A likely scenario: Let's say that your tempted to start up a new exiting project. Perhaps building a landspeed racer? 

And all of a sudden somebody offers you fractions of an old Volvo Amazon. If you have a pick-up: load the stuff and get going! Without a pick-up: Boooring...

 Not boring.
Maybe an old engine comes falling from the sky? The solution exist. 
With a pick-up truck you'll get more friends as well. Then often want to move things around

Why we have a blue C20 Chevy pick-up truck?  We were in US and suddenly Carina said;
 -I really like this pick-up truck!
- It's both cool and practical, could you take a picture with me and this old Ford?

I started fumble for the camera, while a strong feeling was building up inside of me. I love this woman, I must try to give here a decent truck, because she's worth it. 

The beginning. A fantastic moment.

A man gotta do what a man gotta do, so back home in Sweden I started furiously to hunt for a blue Chevy Pick-up truck and I found her one. And she was soo happy.

Final warning, even though a pick-up truck is working tool and nothing else, they might make you more playful as well. Keep you young at heart. Not good if your planning to slow down.


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