Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Chili 2015

Normally, Salt Slush invite for a big Christmas Party, but this year we just needed to relax, which is why we just invited a small group of gear heads and made a workshop chili.
No bands, no big arrangement, just a cleaned up workshop, some good food and some cold beers, while people playing the garage piano (Thanks, Mats!) and candle lights that spread light over rusty old friends and newly welded parts.
Relief, workshop mindfulness, you name it, for us it’s fantastic.
Workshop cleaned up.The frame fixture table is converted to a Christmas table, while the A-Ford frame serve a chandelier.
Next step. The Workshop Chef, is preparing the chilli (based on a well established recipe) Cina is here browning the meat before we let it cook softly for 5 hours in beer and red hot chili pepper until it was tender and nice. What Petter is doing? He's acting Kitchen fan with the workshop vacuum cleaner 

No smoke without fire. We couldn’t help starting up Cina’s old beemer as we cleaned up after the party. Yes, we needed to open up the garage doors afterwards.
So, no progress with the Amazon landspeed racer this weekend? Well, as the night grow older, we solved a lot of complicated technical problems…and yes, in addition we started to build the oil pipes and drains for our turbo system. The pluming is not ready, but we have parts and ideas.
No pics from the party? Nope, I was busy relaxing. Let’s see if anybody else…

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