Sunday, December 6, 2015

Workshop jamming almost big halla baloo.

In Gothenburg we have had some really bad weather lately. Heavy storm combined with heavy rain for a couple of days. The big bridge has been closed creating traffic chaos...

This Friday it took almost three hours to get home from work in mostly stand still traffic …. while it usually takes 30 minutes.

Salt Slush team knows what to do when this happens and yes, you've guessed it; stay in the workshop while the storm is howling and secure some good progress! 

And it's for sure what we did this weekend!

We meet up as usual for a Saturday session Energized by the storm we kicked off some heavy progress, all together with some good music (the weekend with Gabriel Kelley….) combined with traditional Fika ( Coffe and Cakes).

 The body had already been separated from the frame to enable welding, so the next step was to tilt the frame to make access for some more welding underneath and start to create a belly pan, but first we needed to tilt the go-cart which was exiting.

We made it eventually, without any casualties.

Anders is here doing some fast ad hoc FMEA while trying to decide next step.

As we looked at the tilted frame we all understood that we had a robust and for sure  heavy go cart.
Anders challenged us all with an announcement:
-It's soon time for some paint!
Meanwhile Carina, in a very structured way stated;
-Please document everything and try to get some feedback from SCTA before adding any paint!

Yes, we'll need some more protection under the driver…. 
yes, most of us works at Volvo Cars.

Rear part of the chassis and Håkan, glued to his Loctite 518.


No Loctite and obviously no Håkan, since they come in pair.


Besides of high speed engineering, we try to sneak in other aspects; 
self induced vehicle body levitation.

Successful as we were, we took the opportunity to have planning session around the next steps for the body. Conclusion: We will continue to remove more that does not make it look and behave like a race car.

In addition to D-vitamin, we need some real sunshine and heat to sheer us up and what is a better then bright light and heat from a welding arch?

It will take several more months before we get the real deal, when the early spring sun get back in business, so we're currently in search for a substitute and we've found it as it seems…

After sunshine comes the evening and with the evening comes contemplation. Reinforcement looks nice. We're safe...we think.


Yes, we're a bit proud.


With Loctite 518 nothing will leak , Håkan is happy to handle the sticky stuff that seals.

Sticky magic stuff ! Probably not healthy ! But still...Nice.


Check! Cylinder head screening ok!

Håkan is happy and valve cover is ready to get back on the engine. 

Yes, soon there. Please note that the valve cover also fixate the camshafts

Yes ,Yes, Håkan is slightly nervous !
Will the camshaft end up in the right position ! ? ! Really?

Tightening the 68 bolts that holds the valve cover and the integrated camshaft girdles.

Håkan is trying to look cool and fast, we who know him better, can see a sign of anxiety and tension which can only to be cured with a happy grunt and roar of the engine.

I did some more work on the water tank welding the aluminum in and outlet to the aluminum tank.

As said before, maybe not possible to earn a living on my skills yet, 
but welds are getting better and better. Practice makes perfection.

What now ? 
At some point in time it was time to close the engine and assemble the oil pan.

Oil pick up in position with new sealing and 
yes, you see the burden on Håkan's shoulder…...

 will there be oil pressure ?  Magnus is meanwhile making scientific experiment to determine which Loctite to use for the magic new oil filter contraption. 
He came to a verified conclusion. 

If nothing else helps;  
A hammer and Loctite 518 can fix everything. Except oil filter contraption assemblies, which need another treatment.


The Masterpiece. Now complete! Ready to rock And roll! Cheers!

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