Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hungry ? One step closer to Guide Miche…...

Christmas is definitely over. New Year promises has already been forgotten. But we need  to get back to the right fitness again. Therefore we introduce the Weekend Warrior Workshop Exercise. When conducting this mechanic's workout we still need energy. Salt Slush has reluctantly understood that we can't (should not) live on Coffee, Fika and Beer only. Not fair...
Luckily, Carina has got parts for a WOK kitchen as Chrismast gift. Which she now has manufactured and assembled. 
The burner is made in Spain. Luckily the Spanish is most likely translated to Swedish using Google. Which is why Carina decided to go for the last sentence and use applicable law.
Cina, here using applicable rules when making Workshop WOK for hungry mechanic's 
Carina only use the essential ingredients when preparing garage food for garage people.

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