Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stable Marriage without Future Slippage.

There comes a time when a power couple need to get together. To accept each other and merge, in order to finally reach a win-win situation.  But as always, there's obstacles on the way...let me be your matchmaker.
Rule no 1: The release bearing needs to reach the clutch.
Rule no 2: Measure and conclude. And so we did. Only to realize that we needed a 10 to 20mm adapter to get the Tilton clutch working.
Decision: Make it happen, and make it now. Grab a piece of 20mm thick aluminum, rev up the old Sajo milling machine, cut the corners in the metal saw and let the lathe run free. 
Consequence: There must be an external force. Pressure needs to be applied. The Wilwood break & clutch cylinders is now all lined up and ready to provide this service. Still we had to put a stop to too much clutch movement and design a stop. Someone always has to set limits...
No, you've got it all wrong. There's no symbolic value here. Sometimes a clutch is just a clutch.
The Volvo Aluminum Engine-to-GM (Tremec...)-rear-face-of block assembled. We're now working on the cranks sensor and the starter motor adjustment. Yes, we spent hours on manufacturing a new treaded water plug as well, but that's nothing to talk about, really.
To cut it short, we'll soon be connected to a heavenly force. This Force will not only be with us. It will be transferred.


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