Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year = Amazing Amazon Assembly

The Champagne has painfully evaporated. The Castles has returned into sand. But drugs, dreams and schemes are all needed to keep the flow coming. To enable quite hours of focused work, to provide progress. We'll show you...

The aftermath of a furious weld & paint Christmas. 
The assembly, or rather the final +200mph build has started. Be aware.
The body was lowered over the stiff cart and it felt just fine.
This time it's for real. Cobbling is over.
Magnus, steady as can be, is making the high pressure superduper turbo oil pipe into one leakage free masterpiece.
Not an empty palm. Paperwork's attached.
The result: Will The Inspector be satisfied?  How can we please?
Meanwhile Karl-Johan was silently welding himself away, while planing for 2016. Salt Slush Yoga in practice.
A towering Beauty. Please focus on the oil drain pipe.
If you can't, just move on.

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